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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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warren county, flurries around the entire county. highland county, seeing some light to moderate snow shower activity. hillsborough included in the south eastern edge of the county, and adams county as well as claremont and brown county. flurries and snow showers, dry ridge to thalmus and most of robertson county. and this darker shade, represents the heavier snow on satellite. this started 14-16 hours ago. this snow, kept around warren to clinton county, late last night through this morning. that's where we saw the highest snow totals. a lot of it is from earlier in the morning. we'll tackle the numbers. in 10 minutes, we'll talk about how much more snow we can expect and as well as how cold it is
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>> crane accident at the banks construction site along the river front, stops work in the parking garage the mobile crane tipped as it gets to the rebar. and near paul brown, workers i talked to, no workers were near the train when it was over. no one was hurt. there's an investigation under way to what caused the accident. a man is recovering after the jeep crashed into the side of the moving freight train. the driver tells local 12 news, he lost control on ice near the tracks that crashed mayor road in boone county. the impact from the train, trapped the driver inside the suv. deputies rescued him before a second train crashed into the jeep. it was very close. you'll hear from them coming up on local 12 news, live at 6:00. u.s. marshals tracked down a man wanted for murder, hundreds of miles from home. michael pruit is accused of
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police say he killed kisha jenris in east price hill. he's also blamed for killing her boyfriend. police got a tip he may be in the orlando, florida area and today. bryce mc key is accused of sexually assaulting. she claims he gave her alcohol and touched her inappropriately. the team quit. and -- and is expected to be a record-breaking turnout. donald trump hold as comfortable lead in the polls of likely republican voters. the race is really who comes in second. they are cast in the area in the south eastern portion of the state.
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days. that's when the numbers really start coming in, that's when you need to keep your eye on. >> senator bernie sanders, from neighboring vermont is widely expected. hillary clinton won there in 2008 and is hoping to do so, again, tonight. ohio governor john kasich is hoping a great showing. >> and the governor is not expected to win. >> but local 12 jeff hirsh tells us, coming in second may turn kasich to the first alternative to donald trump. john kasich has been in new hampshire so much his kids could probably qualify for tuition. >> it's kind of why i got into politics.
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go fight for people. >> make it or break it. he needs to come in second or third. i think he will be able to point to a primary, as an example. when he puts himself in front of voters, he could do well. >> marco rubio's debate. >> and i think he positioned governors, whether it's jindal or walker. christie is not a great fit for new hampshire. jeb, who originally was the guy who would walk into new hampshire and take it maybe a year ago, has really, you no, he, time has kind of passed him by. >> the prediction from the hamilton republican chair. expect donald trump, but by less
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they said, john kasich will come in second. by the weird political calculus of the political season, i think he comes in second. >> kasich was not first when the first new hampshire vote was started. tiny town always votes after midnight. the tally, kasich 3. trump 2. all the other republicans zero am jeff hirsh, local 12 news. >> bernie sanders got 4 votes. hillary clinton, none. and we'll have results for you tonight at 11:00. the next primary, by the way, is south carolina, takes place on february 20th. >> rising in the ranks. meet the woman who is only the 2nd in cincinnati police history
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here, open minds lead to broken boundaries. and when everyone around you is pushing you forward, nothing can stand in your way. and together, that makes us undeniably kent state. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)
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enough talk. give us a plan. . >> a new poll shows a majority of kentucky, minimum age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 21. 60 percent of the foundation for a healthy kentucky say they support the idea. the lower amount of support, northern kentucky, 54 percent of adults are in favor of raising the age. cincinnati police department, has new leadership, police chief names the assistant
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four men and woman, have nearly 100 years of criminal justice experience. debra dixon tells us, one is making history. >> i'm very excited to see the team come together. i think we will have to do exceptional things from the city. >> the team, assistant chief dave bailey promoted to the chief executive assistant. mike john, were all captains yesterday. today, they are lieutenant colonels. >> point out that lieutenant colonel is the second female to serve, as an assistant chief in terms of the department's history. >> police say, it's been a guy thing. in later years, those who work the police department, women policing. and commanded key units
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investigation section internal and district. >> it's being a woman at a table, whatever the conversation is. if i could bring a different perspective, that's helpful in us implements, succeeding with the mission. that's a good thing. i think side by side, men, women, it was extremely competitive. i think i could compete in my own right with that. >> two of the fiji's sibles, and captain revell, are with the city of cincinnati. >> and one with hamilton county. we're starting the next generation, i have a son with the boone county sheriff's department. >> policing runs deep in the family. fiji's family is a captain at the police department. he died in 2014. >> this is a goal he wanted to attain in his career. and i wanted it for myselfment i
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i'll be making a stop at the cemetery home today. debra dixon local 12 news. >> the city manager wanted a command staff in the spring and
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comes with the february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each, even our subway club and chicken & bacon ranch melt. but the media is going a little crazy. i am in the heart of what is now being called "sub-mageddon." with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems to be spilling out on the streets. i have never seen anything like this before. enjoy all our delicious classic footlongs for just $6 each... all february, at subway. . >> seven people remain in
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charter bus crash that hurt 3 dozen passengers. that happened during yesterday's snow storm. the bus was taking 55 passenger from new york. it hit a guardrail and flipped on the side. the driver was merging in the right lane, and slid in control and into the metal barrier. >> congress has its hands on president obama's 8th and final budget. and the new spending plan includes launching a new war on cancer. fighting global warming and protecting the country from growing threats from islamic state terrorists. it's for the budget year that begins in october. and it's winning approval. and flint michigan, they will replace all lead water pipes, at a cost of $55 million.
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solutions to lead tainted water crisis. households, they are deem to be high risk will be given priority for pipe replacement. >> new orleans is one big party town in this final day of mardi gras. >> the outrageous theme is, a big tourist attraction. >> and why. >> omar via franka, many owners do their own thing. >> thousands line the streets, catch beads and watch parades. >> and for many big easy residents -- >> fat tuesday is not a spectator sport. jim gabor is part of the crew of saint anne's. neighborhood party society, for the past 47 years, is marching to their own tune. >> nobody watches this parade.
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coming out of their houses to the sidewalk, waiting for us to join in. >> the crew spends months, hand sewing, gluing and painting costumes. from the masks to ornate. costumes are not the exception. they are required. >> if you show in the same costume two years in a row, we'll pro you out. >> what started as the small group of marchers is a band of hundreds. even those who recently passed away, are brought around and honored for a good time. >> carry my buddy mike, who is destined to his spot back in the river. >> and the saint anne's crew is among dozens of pleasure clubs, letting the good times roll, across new orleans on the final day of mardi gras.
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>> and after the partying on fat tuesday, solid day of lent begins tomorrow. >> they are in the 50s, it's sinking, through much of tennessee. we'll talk about the cold coming in 5:30. we'll see windchill values, most the day tomorrow. we'll focus on the snow showers tracking right now. that will cause additional accumulations. we're tracking light flurries in oxford. that's a live look from the weather camera. you could see the roads are pretty clear. and the grassy areas, and, you know, treated surface, sidewalks look really good. and it has accumulation through late last night. we picked up a lot of snow, clinton county, warren county, where we have the highest amounts.
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accumulations overnight and through the day tomorrow. 75-and we still have a good swath of snow showers, moving across the area. that will continue throughout the evening. i'll let you be aware for slick and snowy roads. roads. since roads have heated throughout the day. the slush may turn back to ice. watch out for that, if you're heading out in the evening for dinner plans. cincinnati, in the sunny side. white oak, we're tracking some lighter snow. flurries around hamilton and snow showers activity around monroe and middletown area. most of warren county, under some snow, highland, adams county, under the light to moderate snow. dry ridge, to thalmus, brooksville, and all seeing some
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we're looking at potentially around a half an inch throughout the evening. through the day tomorrow, we can see up to an inch with places like southern clinton county. warren county and butler count eye and even into northern portions of hamilton county, where we can see more than an inch. overall, it's going to be light accumulations. visibility is down 2 miles. half mile from the lincoln airport. just be careful. if you made it through the morning's commute. especially if you live east of cincinnati, i think you will will be okay. watch for lingering roads. we will have snow shower activity to the north and west. this system is huge. you could see snow showers dip all the way to northern georgia and alabama. we will continue throughout the evening and through the day tomorrow. the winter weather advisory for everyone, tomorrow morning, until 10:00.
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slick and snowy roads, blowing snow and lowered visibilities with the snow showers. how much more? looking at half an inch. and some of us may get a little over an inch. i want you to be careful for wednesday morning's commute. we will have snow showers around. we'll have to watch for lower visibilities and coatings in the roadways, since we will be cold enough for the cold to stick a bit. winds out of the west, making it feel more like the teens. we'll see windchill values get in the single digits. and the ride to work or school. wind chills around 10 degrees, by 8:00. air temperatures hover around 20. on and off snow showers throughout the evening. i expect to decrease a little bit in nature. we're going to track the snow showers, potentially sticking on
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scattered activity today and tomorrow. finally, as the huge system pulls to the east. we're looking for a drying trend for wednesday evening. the wednesday morning commute, lingering slick spots possible. tomorrow, it will seem like single digits. we only get to 21. 24 on thursday. we get a break from the weather, on thursday. it will still be cold. chance of snow, returns and more accumulating snow on monday. monday morning, it's another commute, we will have to watch. >> and outside now, the roads are not too bad. have a look at the pictures. >> mason montgomery road. we're heading north, almost to the high school. the road is absolutely fine, right, erica? >> looks pretty good. the main thing, slush turning icy after sunset. it could refreeze.
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sang a new song in the super bowl. beyonce is getting credit for boosting business in the
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diet for romance. >> record number of students
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more than 2500 application came to the school before the deadline. university leaders say the goal, for the first year class, is about 3600 students. applicants have until may 1st to confirm their college choice. side of spring, despite the snow, they loaded the trailer with equipment bound for spring training in arizona. getting help from mascot, rosy red and mr. great legs. they drive 1600 miles and arrive at the development complex in good year on saturday. pitchers and catchers reports spring training on friday. i had a pleasure of talking to marty today. marty's voice from arizona, always signalled the beginning of spring. >> was wondering why marty was
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>> the newest pro-choice franchise. get your seats for any of cincinnati's home games, starting at 8:00 a.m. and by phone. tickets start $15 per game. $20 per adults. and after 20 on the road. and other home highlights include horsting regional rival, louisville city at sea. a fan vote branded the game, the rivers city cup. i like it. there's a different brand of soccer popping up. players are not just having a ball. they are wearing one. each players is protected by a transparent bubble that covers the entire body except the lower leg and opening just above the head. the bumper car -like action. despite the appearances, organizers say it's mostly injury-free.
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it's just, you know, no hold bars at it. >> it's funny to watch, for sure. cincinnati's sports lead. >> probably would break both of my legs. >> anheuser-busch, it didn't pay peyton manning, to say he would be drinking his beer after the super bowl >> hug my family. will drink a lot of budweiser. >> that unscripted mention, is said to be worth millions of free advertising. and undisclosed >> and beyonce released her new song, formation. it mentioned the restaurant
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workers at the restaurant, have renamed like cheddar beyonce biscuits.
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taking care of >> well, good evening, everyone. we're under a winter weather advisory. more scattered snow is on the way. >> what to expect on the no way weather. >> we're tracking the snow showers. red bank road along 71. i think we have video of the u.s. 50. you could see it's coated with some snow. this is from the morning. and much different view but we
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activity falling along u.s. 50. take a look at radar right now. we'll show you where the snow is falling. we have a sloth of flurries, to light to moderate snow showers. and heaviest in claremont. and more moderate moving to warren. this is all moving eastward. we still have some light snow shower activity, moving along u.s. 50. we'll have to watch some lingering slick and snowy areas in roadways. the slush, it may turn icy after sunset. that's the main concern. we have light snow along the 225 loop. all of hamilton county, giving up hamilton cities, and heaviest snow north of hamilton county, moving toward middletown monroe in the next 20-30 minutes. through much of highland county.
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see more of the snow move east through town and eventually out of the county. we will continue to watch more snow shower activity to the west and even to the south. we're tracking some light flurry activity from dry ridge to brooksville. coming at 6:00, we'll track the snow showers and how cold it will feel through the day tomorrow. back to you. >> and local teen will likely go to prison for a drunk driving crash that killed his friend. he pleaded guilty to aggravated homicide. they say he lost control of his car, day after christmas and slammed into a tree. a passenger in the car, 18-year-old mark valentine died. lacy will be sentenced march 9. man accused of stabbing his own mother, will head to prison.
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mother in the head. police looked for him for three days. when they caught up with him, he fired. and officers eventually caught him. he pleaded guilty, including attempted murder with a police officer. prosecutors recommend he serve 40 years in prison. >> kasich, basically, since i watched the news this morning. kasich is the only one who won through the notch. that's a determined factor. >> governor john kasich scores his first victory in the primary. earning more in dixon knox. kasich got 3 votes. trump 2. remember how he on sen traited
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cbs will have complete coverage. >> bed a 3-year-old baby in youngstown is dead apparently killed by a family pet. he was lying on the floor in a laundry basket which is used as a makeshift crib. she was living with her mother, brother. >> the baby was. >> it was hor figure. his head was covered in blood. and the police are to hear from the coroner. and the dog with mixed breeds before the decision is made on its fate. and still ahead at 5:30, new
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what her father says she may be
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>> now the . >> the snow closed middletown high school. thursday, when the school is open, they will have extra security.
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accused of writing a threatening note filled with racial slurs. what police and parents are saying. the threatening message was written on a post-it note. prarnts were notified right away. middletown police chief, the student was arrested and taken out of cool. >> and nora bronson, maniy parent sh and she has no concerns about a bread and feels it's just a stud that could get attention or gets get. they don't realize how far a joke could take you.
5:34 pm
reservations about sending her son to school on thursday. she says when something like this happens, the schools, waste no time sharing information and looking for a solution. >> even though issues do pop up like they do in every other city, or any other school district, that we are away and we are on top of the issues and we try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. >> that student was in charge of inducing panic which is a second-degree felony. police say there's no immediate danger here at the high school. of course, this is very unnerving for the apparents. live in middletown, larry davis, local 12 news.
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than the threat. the police who was charged clamgs he's acting. local level. dice. police found her body across the state line in north carolina. her father was interviewed for an episode in dr. phil. he said she was immediately grounded for her social media. you could see the full dr. phil interview at local 12 tomorrow, channel 12. therapy animals could make a difference. >> a veteran's home in utah, different kind of animal changing lives. he's a year old and weighs about 30 pounds.
5:36 pm
getting a reward or how they act. . >> he will be sent to a farm to live with other kangaroos and administrator. nor
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new information on the i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for honeysuckle white . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) honeysuckle white . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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>> wallgreen's is launching a new effort to fight drug abuse and death from overdoses. workers will install chaos with more than 500 drug stores. the chain is going to make meloxin available without a prescription. the program will be rolled out state by state. public health experts will put together a plan of action to prevent the zika virus. stay well. >> the second case coming in. this also in the traveler to haiti, and other case was a
5:39 pm
and in indiana we don't know the age or gender of the person. that person traveled to haiti as well. here's what we know. the virus is spread through the mosquito bites mainly. it could cause flu-like symptoms. one of five, no symptoms show up at all. infectious disease specialists say it's not dangerous unless you're pregnant or want to become pregnant. and then there's a risk of micro cepaly. travel is not recommended where it's spreading in south and central america. >> cdc is recommending pregnant women not to go to those countries. if they can avoid any try mesters. not just one tri mester. if they are pregnant, they
5:40 pm
if they must go, they must take some precautions. >> according to the tri-health against mosquitoes mainly. they are talking about sexual transmission. if you got bit, you could spread it to a partner. they are talking about maybe a 30 day incubation. in ohio, they are doing a table top. and you have to kind of put it on the table, unless you could implement the plan, which they say by the time mosquitoes are biting. >> you could use bug spray and -- >> the good part is here. you don't need it too much. soon we will. >> thanks, liz. >> okay. . and good evening, to you. we're still going to be tracking some scattered snow showers throughout tonight and through the day tomorrow, totalling to light accumulations. we'll talk about the accumulations in a second.
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mainly light in nature for a lot of us. there's some moderate snow kind of sporadic. you could see the snow is slightly lower in visibility, as we look at downtown cincinnati. we have the winter weather advisory in effect through tomorrow morning. that includes everybody across the local viewing area. that means we'll continue to see the potential travel areas. even in main roads, the slush that's in the main highways, may turn icy after sunset, once we get colder. to lose the kind of heating of the day we had so far. we're going to continue to watch lingering slick, snowy areas and especially in snowy roads, in many locations, where you saw a handful of inches. cincinnati, seeing light flurries. lower visibilities. heavier snow now. this is just moderate snow. milford to the sunny side, moving east. amellia, you will see some
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we have some heavy snow moving east into danville. and most of brown counties, seeing light snow showers activity. we have a few flurries down in west union. a lot of highland county as well as some flurries moving through dry ridge, over to mazeville and to mount olvet. and across 75 and heading towards 71 and warren county. watch for the slick roads throughout the evening and through the day tomorrow. the light accumulation could put a coating or dusting on the roads. you will want to be careful for that. we will watch the snow activity to the north and west. how much more you could expect. half an inch throughout the evening. less than an inch. for most of us. however, there could be a few places, like we've been seeing, where we get
5:43 pm
a little bit more is possible throughout tonight and tomorrow, especially north of cincinnati. like in areas of butler, warren and clinton county, even in northeastern -- and where we will see more than an inch or so in the next 24 hours. we're in the 20s right now. 23 in west union and 24 for mazeville. with the wind coming out of the west, around 13 miles an hour, it feels more like 13 degrees. you could see the single digit windchill values. by tomorrow morning, it will feel more like the single digits. cover the he can posed skin. it will feel more like 3 degrees, when you wake up tomorrow morning. someplaces like lebanon, will see subzeros. and by noon, will feel like by 7:00. by the afternoon, we'll see windchill values around 10 degrees. and evening forecast, it looks like this.
5:44 pm
20s. most of the evening, early to mid evening, i should say. scattered snow showers, will be possible throughout the night and the overnight period. we'll take you through the overnight period. a couple of hit or miss snow showers after sunset. and we'll continue to watch the potential for some moderate to heavy snow with some of the snow showers throughout tomorrow as well. watch, be careful for tomorrow morning's commute. a coating on the roadways is going to be possible with the light accumulations. by 5:00, hopefully we're done by the activity, for evening commute on wednesday. we start to clear out for thursday. we will see a return of sunshine. few clouds, though. no snow is expected for thursday. tomorrow's forecast, we're expecting some snow showers again, up to an inch is possible with isolated areas. we top out around 21, after starting off in the teens. 24 in the afternoon. we get a break in the snow, with a little return for sunshine.
5:45 pm
looking at chance of snow. next accumulating snow, late sunday night through the day on monday. monday morning's commute, which is still a few days away. we'll get to that, we'll get to that. monday morning's commute is probably going to be the next problematic thing we'll see. >> facebook looks familiar. a man was smirking as he robs the local bank. the search to get a bad guy before he strikes again. >> watch ncis at 8:00. ncis new orleans. february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each, even our subway club and chicken & bacon ranch melt.
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a little crazy. i am in the heart of what is now being called "sub-mageddon." with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems to be spilling out on the streets. i have never seen anything like this before. enjoy all our delicious classic footlongs for just $6 each...
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>> once a month, a group of dedicated volunteers gets together to provide food forb those who are less fortunate. >> and rich jaffe says, the charity that is now in need of help. hoping someone in the community could make a difference? >> cincinnati pet food pantry sits in a 2000 square foot retail space in madisonville. and once a month, donated food and pet supplies are handing out to clients who qualify financially and need dog food,
5:48 pm
>> march 6, 2010. . >> pet pantry, and recycled doggie program, rescued that could be used in programs. it's donated by landlords. the food here in the pantry was normally distributed in the third sunday of every month. as you get closer, the empty pallets you see, will be filling up with food. whereas normally, the concern will be where to get the food for the pallets, the biggest concern, where does this entire place go >> those days, 130 pet lovers reap the benefits of kindness. long lines waiting in the door to reopen. >> they can be doing other things. they can be sleeping on a sunday morning. our volunteers could. they get up and come here.
5:49 pm
here, especially every month, are needing the help. >> they do need slightly special, probably first floor space. >> we have people that come and clean up, butts, so we are being good neighbors. people are loitering around early sunday morning and we do get attention. >> now they are hoping for a little more. madisonville, local 12 news. >> maybe someone will step in. the last distributebuse for the pantry, will be on the 21st. the operation could close entirely. and after months of being courted by candidates during the final hours. >> really good news, if you're a fruit and vegetable fan. new
5:50 pm
good for men and women. i'm liz bonis, share details ahead.
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runs into the side of the train >> winter has more misery to dish out as the tri-state sees more snow. good evening. everyone. we have not seen the last of the snow just yet. >> the winter weather advisory remains in effect. meteorologist, erica collura has her eyes on the radar and looks at the timing for tonight. erica. >> we will continue to chance chances for scattered snow showers and through the day on
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